Buying a spa: advice and budget

The purchase of a spa or a jacuzzi allows you to enjoy relaxing and very pleasant baths day after day. Its qualities make it one of the most popular amenities in our homes today. Especially since it can be installed anywhere, indoors and outdoors. However, we must avoid rushing. For this reason, we have provided you with a list of the various points to consider before purchasing a spa.

Buy a spa depending on the space available


The budget for a spa is determined by the number of places. The price of a 6-seater spa will be lower than for a 10-seater spa. From 2 to 12 places, the equipment requires more or less space to be installed. Thus, the choice of the location of your spa is essential to your project.

Choose the material of your future spa

The shell of a spa tub can be made of acrylic, fiberglass, resin, etc. Regarding the outer covering, it can be made of natural wood, resin, PVC, composite, etc. Each material has its own qualities. and defects (resistance, durability, maintenance, etc.).

Focus on the insulation and the water heater of a spa

The amount of insulating foam present between the skirt and the spa shell determines the quality of its insulation. Perfect insulation keeps the heat of the water longer and promotes winter bathing, while limiting the appliance's power consumption.

In the same vein, the heating system is a determining point to observe before buying a jacuzzi. Indeed, the consumption cost of your spa is partly determined by its water heater.

Buying a spa: the filtration system

The spa can very quickly turn into a culture broth full of bacteria and germs if it is not equipped with a good filtration system. Be uncompromising on this essential point for the hygiene and comfort of your relaxing baths.

Depending on the use you plan to make of your spas, you will have to choose here between cartridge filters, diatomaceous earth or sand., Spas Jacuzzi : news.