That little magic that a spa tub brings

For ages, hot water has been used for its therapeutic values. In Turkey, Rome, Japan, India, Egypt and many other countries with the oldest known civilizations, thermal therapy is part of their cultures. Until today, the benefits of the hot bath are improved to improve health, because the combination of heat and massage soothes the mind and the body. This provides mental health and calming for the body. The practice of the spa then became very common.

Why a relaxing spa bath?

By stimulating the production of endorphins in the body, the spa tub relaxes. This hormone is responsible for relaxing the body. It is similar to opiates that naturally calm body pains. The contact of the hot water with the massages provided by the bubbles allows the endorphins and the other nutrients to reach the damaged cells. These actions lower the blood pressure and the tensions in the organs, especially the heart. A time spent in a tub tub is therefore much better than a consultation with a doctor and then receive a prescription full of medicines to swallow. A spa stay is also a fun time to share with loved ones.

The physical and mental virtues of the spa

If you have a problem with your muscles or you are suffering from a blood circulation disorder, the magic of a hot bath in a tub tub can help. Also know that the massage made by hot water bubbles on your body soothes your pains, tones your skin, relaxes your muscles, relieves your joints, eliminates toxins in your body, facilitates your digestion. It also boosts the arrival of oxygen in all the cells of your body. So if you had rheumatism, migraines, aches, back pain, varicose veins, joint problems, hypotension or hypertension, overweight, you can imagine stays in A spa room to improve your health. In addition, hydromassage improves sleep was to combat stress and depression. We especially recommend warm bathing sessions for sportsmen to better recover., Spas Jacuzzi : news.