Water treatment for your body and mindset

Healing with the virtues of water is a concept that has been around for millennia, brought back to life recently thanks to the concept of the spa. Taking care of yourself improves your physical and mental state. What are the real benefits of the jacuzzi tubs, so that it generates so much enthusiasm?

Immediate release, but not only

The spa encourages the production of endorphin, the hormone of well-being, which relieves pain, relaxes muscular / nervous tension and promotes relaxation. Its effect is not only temporary, it extends for days and improves overall health over the long term through regular practice.

Indeed, the spa would have positive influences on all levels, be it psychological, physiological, physical or metabolic. Research has made it possible to establish links between spa practice and the improvement of cardiovascular diseases, overweight, respiratory problems, joint disorders, skin conditions, etc. It's all our body that works better, in keeping with a serene mind.

The components of the spa

The combination of the following factors makes the spa the best anti-stress ritual:

  • The thermal experience: warm water improves blood flow, while cold water invigorates muscles, stimulates the immune system, firms the skin and tightens pores;

  • Hydromassage: the massage jets, placed in strategic places, allow to massage gently and simultaneously the areas that need it most (hips, necks, back, thighs);

  • The effect of weightlessness: Floating reduces pressure on muscles and joints. Combined with the effect of heat, it helps relieve pain.

To amplify the benefits of the spa, it is often associated with aromatherapy by adding essential oils, algae and other natural substances in the water. In fitness centers, the spa is associated with different massage techniques for a synergistic action, fast and terribly effective!

To conclude, the hot water offers a relaxing effect and opens the vessels: it calms the pain. You had to realize by taking a hot shower of the state of muscular tension in which you were, right? The more you immerse yourself, the warmer you will be, the more you will relax. Water has the advantage of staying at a constant temperature and communicates heat better than air.

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